Alerion Ventures is an evergreen venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in scalable startups. Based in Charleston, SC, Alerion partners with entrepreneurs throughout the Southeast.


Alerion Ventures targets one new company investment per quarter with the following attributes:


Alerion will consider companies in a variety of industries, so long as they are capital-efficient and are targeting markets that will allow for substantial scale and return-on-investment. Primary areas of interest include business-to-business software and technology-enabled services and, more selectively, healthcare software and services and energy-efficient technologies. Alerion will not consider consumer-facing companies, drug discovery, medical devices, energy production, or project finance opportunities.


Alerion will first consider an investment once a company has achieved initial market and revenue traction following proof-of-concept including functional product development. While the primary focus is early-stage, opportunistic investments in growth-stage businesses with near term exit potential may also be considered. In all stages, Alerion prefers to partner with other experienced venture investors.


Based in Charleston, Alerion will consider investments in companies in the greater Southeast, but with a preference for those located in South Carolina and the neighboring states of Georgia and North Carolina.


The Alerion Ventures team is able to support entrepreneurs through experience and relationships in the fields of operations, sales, research & development, finance, accounting, and mergers & acquisitions:

Lee Richards

Lee Richards

Managing Partner

Lee founded Alerion in 2014 and has experience in acquisitions, divestitures, international sales, and research & development. He has a degree in Economics from Auburn University and lives in Charleston.

Wiley Becker

Wiley Becker


Wiley leads the due diligence function at Alerion and previously was Principal for Square 1 Ventures. He has a BS in Mathematics from Davidson College, an MBA from Wake Forest, and lives in Charleston.

Adam Bush

Adam Bush


Adam manages the operations and accounting functions for Alerion. He has a Master of Professional Accounting degree from the University of West Georgia and lives in Mount Pleasant.


Investments made by Alerion Ventures include:


Adwerx is a low-cost, self-service, single touchpoint digital advertising platform providing best-practice technologies to very small businesses. Backed by Novak Biddle, Bull City Venture Partners, Grotech Ventures, et al., Adwerx is democratizing digital advertising across multiple industry verticals.

Durham, NC


Allbound is a Partner Relationship Management platform backed by Canal Partners, BLH Ventures, et al. With modules including content, collaboration, customer success, pipeline predictability, and business intelligence, Allbound helps to manage and maximize channel partner sales relationships.

Atlanta, GA


Ceterus provides automated accounting and business intelligence software as a service for small and medium sized businesses. A leader among food service, health & wellness, and retail franchisees, Ceterus is also backed by TechOperators, IDEA Fund Partners, and Hallett Capital.

Charleston, SC


CloudTags creates connected stores. Through a combination of in-store tablets, mobile app integration, NFC, and beacon technologies, 30% of shoppers interact digitally with physical products, 50% of which provide their email, and 80% of which are unique to a retailer’s existing CRM database, resulting in a 20% greater CTR on marketing emails and a 15% increase in average order volume.

Alerion divested from CloudTags on 12/24/18.

Atlanta, GA


Crash matches students with start-up companies for paid apprenticeships in sales, marketing, and other disciplines. With career coaching and real-world job training through a proprietary eLearning platform, Crash prepares students to be productive employees on day-one and boasts a 96% full-time placement rate. Crash is also backed by Floodgate, Moment Ventures, and Steve Blank.

Charleston, SC

Demand Driven Tech

Demand Driven Tech has developed the most advanced and widely deployed Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning software platform. Also backed by Mosley Ventures, Demand Driven Tech has products including inventory replenishment, production scheduling, forecasting, and analytics.

Atlanta, GA


FSLogix was founded by desktop virtualization veterans from VMware and Symantec. Their file system-level software is able to greatly reduce the time and complexity for large enterprises to manage virtualized desktop infrastructure accessibility and visibility by requiring only one golden image.

FSLogix was acquired by Microsoft on 11/16/18.

Atlanta, GA

Green Roof Outfitters (GRO)

Green Roof Outfitters  has developed a modular, comprehensive, lightweight, and low-cost solution for the installation of green roofs. Their system is able to dramatically decrease ongoing energy costs for building owners, extend roof lives, and provide LEED credits and tax incentives in many cases.

Green Roof Outfitters was acquired by Greenrise Technologies on 01/03/18.

Charleston, SC


LiveSource is a Strategic Sourcing suite focused on direct spend and complex sourcing requirements for custom manufactured parts. Backed by Fulcrum, IDEA Funds, Knoll Ventures, SaaS Ventures, et al., LiveSource helps customers mitigate supply chain risk, reduce COGS, and improve Service Levels.

Atlanta, GA


Matcha has origins as consumer publisher, RootsRated, but began licensing their internal content marketing supply, management, and measurement tools to other consumer-oriented SMBs. Backed by TechOperators, Fidelis, et al., Matcha offers a full suite of content marketing solutions.

Atlanta, GA


MemberSuite is a cloud-based Association Management System providing membership access, per module pricing, robust APIs, data integration, and analytics. Backed by Revolution Ventures, Fidelis, Bonnaventure, AIM, and Accomplice VC, MemberSuite is the leader among mid-market associations.

Atlanta, GA


OrbitalRx provides business intelligence and workflow software enabling hospital pharmacies to manage medication supply chain disruptions. Reducing health system drug expenditures and lost revenue and improving patient safety and caregiver productivity, OrbitalRx is backed by Excelerate Health Ventures and the Venture Capital Multiplier Fund managed by Hatteras Venture Partners.

Winston-Salem, NC


Orderly provides invoice management, inventory tracking, and business intelligence tools to independent restaurants. Backed by TechOperators, Orderly is a simple, mobile-first, do-it-for-me solution focused on time savings with accounting integration and analytics to reduce food costs.

Orderly was acquired by Buyers Edge on 08/16/19.

Atlanta, GA


OutboundEngine provides email and social media content marketing solutions for SMBs including realtors, mortgage and insurance brokers, financial advisors, attorneys, and healthcare providers. Backed by Noro-Moseley, S3 Ventures, Silverton Partners, Floodgate, Austin Ventures, et al., OutboundEngine helps customers generate referrals and increase repeat business.

Austin, TX


PhishLabs is the leading provider of cybersecurity services that protect against threats that exploit employees. Trusted by four of the five largest US financial institutions and backed by Fulcrum Equity Partners, PhishLabs is able to rapidly detect, analyze, and stop targeted cyberattacks.

Charleston, SC

Reveal Mobile

Reveal Mobile developed the first proprietary database of Bluetooth beacon locations and classifications, which it uses to provide mobile audience analytics to app publishers, greatly improving click-through rates for mobile ads and increasing the CPM paid by advertisers. Reveal is a member of the Privacy & Advocacy and Location Committees for the Mobile Marketing Association.

Raleigh, NC


Salesfusion is an expansion-stage business backed by Noro-Moseley Partners, Hallett Capital, and BLH Venture Partners. A leader in the mid-market, Salesfusion provides intuitive marketing automation software allowing clients to better attract, engage, prioritize, convert, and retain customers.

Salesfusion was acquired by SugarCRM on 05/07/19.

Atlanta, GA

Sift Media

Founded by Jud Bowman, former founder of Appia (acquired by Digital Turbine) and Motricity (NASDAQ: VLTC), Sift Media is an automated mobile ad purchasing platform based on a proprietary app graph algorithm aiming to capitalize on the growing market of real-time bidding exchanges.

Durham, NC

Windsor Circle

Windsor Circle is the leading retention marketing  and predictive lifecycle platform and the only with guaranteed integrations. Backed by Comcast Ventures, Origin Ventures, and IDEA Fund Partners, Windsor Circle helps eCommerce retailers grow customer lifetime value and increase retention.

Windsor Circle was acquired by Output Services Group on 02/12/18.

Durham, NC

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